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Deer Mountain Productions

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Deer Mountain Productions was founded with the goal of making movies that matter - telling entertaining stories that inspire audiences with courage, humor, and hope.

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-- Gary Hershberger


Stories are important.  Good stories are rare.  

But the ones we most remember are the ones that take us on a journey where we experience true emotion... and are changed.  They might be filled with adventure, mystery, action, romance, or laugh-out loud humor... but they change us on the inside.   

These are the types of stories that Deer Mountain is intent on bringing to the screen. Films like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Dead Poets Society, Saving Private Ryan, Tootsie, Hoosiers, The Shawshank Redemption, Hitch, Miracle, The Verdict, Remember the Titans, Ordinary People, A Few Good Men, Casablanca.  Story comes first.  It must work on the page before it begins the journey of "beyond the page". We make sure the story moves like a freight train, and is packed with truth, wit, humor, and inspiration before it leaves our doors to become part of the wonderful world of film.