Getting your Story across the Sea of Doubt…

Most Story Experts understand the fundamental screenplay concepts, they are brilliant at sharing those concepts, and they expect you to translate that brilliance into your screenplay.  Sometimes this happens, sometimes not.

Yes, I can communicate very effectively about what must be done with story, but oftentimes a writer is too close to their project – and just can’t see the forest through the trees… they need help.  What I bring to the table is this….results.

I’ve been a silent help for my writing friends, colleagues, and production companies for many years, offering my guidance, structure tips, character insights, dialogue punch-ups, etc – and these scripts have been optioned, sold, or produced.  I’ve been at the beginning of the scripts, as well as brought in at the end. I have three films in development currently (and every script I have entered into a contest has either received a Top Ten Award finalist, or landed in the top three.)  Comedy, Drama, Family, Action-Adventure is where I focus. 

I am happy to do that with you as well – offering my experience over thirty years in this wonderfully messy, challenging, and ultimately satisfying journey of writing.  I work with completed screenplays -- and passionate, motivated writers.  I don’t care if you’re established, if you have an agent, or don’t have an agent, been writing for twenty years or just two -- if you’re a passionate, committed writer – let’s talk.

Please email through the contact form below and put in the subject line Script Consultation.  In your message, please DO NOT include anything about your script, logline, synopsis, and DO NOT attach anything within the email. Just your name, a little about who you are, and where you're at in the script process.  I will email you back, and arrange a time to talk, and we'll go from there.​  Thank you, and I look forward to getting to know you.  

Stay Creative.

“Few writers that I have known have such an adept touch for nuance, while still maintaining the critical 30,000 foot view of the story that Gary does when he gets his hands on a script. He’s brought incredibly fresh insight to our projects, and given us well fleshed-out ideas that have helped to take our scripts to the next level. He is a master of story structure and character arc, as his own original screenplays will demonstrate.”


                                                          -- Jim Schmidt, Producer, Dean River Productions

"I have worked with Gary for over 30 years. I won’t work on a project, unless he’s involved. You will be learning from the maestro. He understands script, he understands directing and he understands acting. And he has a velvet glove touch when working with you."

-- Robert Krantz, Writer/Director/Actor (upcoming Netflix release Faith, Hope, and Love; Christmas with the Karountzoses)

"Working with Gary was one of the best investments I could ever have made in my script!  When I found myself at a dead end in the rewrite process, he was able to bring fresh perspective and infuse my writing journey with new life!  Gary's genuine passion for equipping writers to do their best work possible is very apparent. It is such a gift to receive invaluable critique from someone who respects your work and the heart you've put into it.  He truly went the extra mile and exceeded my expectations!"


                                                                                                                                                       -- Laura Seabrook, Writer

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"With his exceptional creative and industry savvy, working with Writer and Director Gary Hershberger on our feature film, television, and digital projects, has been a revelation.  Spanning all genres, his exceptional talent to see around every corner of story structure while adding scene-by-scene depth and texture to the arc of every character has enhanced our projects and become a real game-changer.  Without question, Gary is a tremendous asset we look forward to working with as often as possible."
                                                                                                 -- Matthew Morris, Producer, Battery Park Entertainment