Deer Mountain comes from our Swiss ancestors, as our family name Hershberger literally means “Deer Mountaineer." But there is a deeper meaning for me. There is a passage in scripture that describes how people of faith will be able to run like deer across difficult terrain.  Deer climb steep, sheer faces of mountains by placing their back feet in the holds where their front feet have just leaped from…in other words, they take a leap of faith, trusting that their feet will find their holds.  They will climb the way…when there is no way.  And God will help them.

There is much in this world that makes us doubt, that makes us wonder where the good is.  But the best stories help us reclaim our sense of direction, recalibrate our compass, and inspire us in hope.   And as I continue my journey up the mountain, I have learned to walk the steep places with God, and it has been worth every step.  Here's to many more stories to come.   

The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.  Galatians 5:6

Deer Mountain Productions

--  (2o12) Top Ten Feature Finalist (FINAL DRAFT BIG BREAK SCREENPLAY CONTEST) - Danger, Inc. - Co-written with Mike Calvert

-- (2009) Top Ten Finalist for Best Television Comedy (PAGE INTERNATIONAL SCREENWRITING AWARD) - Rancho Calypso (with Mike Calvert) 

-- (2008Top Ten Finalist for Best Television Drama (PAGE) - Revelation

-- (2007) Semi-Finalist for Best Television Comedy (PAGE) - Cup of Joe (with Mike Calvert)

-- (2006) Won Third Place for Best Television Comedy (PAGE) - Flanagan (with Mike Calvert)

Gary Hershberger

Things I Love

Life is not only what we do, it's who we love, and how we choose to spend our time.  So I thought I'd offer this up to let you know these are the things I love...

My family, basketball, Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream, Mud football, any night at the theatre, good friends and conversation, playing FIFA or COD with my boys, adventure at any cost, writing in Starbucks, doing the impossible, church on the beach, funny-honest people, wondering about space, wrestling with my dog, kindness, popcorn and movies, anything that inspires others, watching love bloom, laughing uncontrollably, seeing people get married, Dodger Stadium, improv, helping writers, any vacation where you don't have any plans, mopeds. teaching little leaguers how to turn a double play, writing with coffee, the perfect assist, Christmas, any Jimmy Stewart movie, seeing dreams come true.

The Story of Deer Mountain


A veteran professional actor, writer and director in the Hollywood community for over twenty years, Hershberger has dozens of film, miniseries and television credits to his resume, such as Sneakers, Six Feet Under, Big Love, Grey's Anatomy, The West Wing, Twin Peaks (Showtime), and recently in 2018 two features: Faith, Hope, and Love, and Magic Max.  Gary has been writing for several years, is a produced screenwriter, and is now transitioning behind the camera, having already directed two short films. 

Gary is now in pre-production for his feature directorial debut, the inspirational sports drama, Late in the Season, co-producing with Matt Morris of Battery Park Entertainment and Jim Schmidt.